Phoenix Jiangtian Holiday Village????

Phoenix Jiangtian Holiday Village Phoenix Jiangtian Holiday Village
The Phoenix Jiangtian Holiday Village has adequate structure and offers these services: Front desk active during normal time of work, The baggage service is available full time, Baggages: in the reception hall is available a careful service of luggage storage, You can deposit your valuables in the hotel safe, The rooms are equipped with air conditioning system to govern the temperature, Rest room for guests, ponds, flowers, High number of services and good level of comfort are significant features of the comfortable Phoenix Jiangtian Holiday Village, The payment with credit card is accepted, UnionPay, Pay all costs in one time, Car with driver always ready for rent, There is a car parking in the external space of the hotel, The Business Center and several services for business travelers are provided from the Phoenix Jiangtian Holiday Village, Hall manager available in delimited hours, This hotel is well equipped with several services provided by Business Center, You can work or feast in various size meeting room, Conference rooms for conventions, banquets, exhibitions and private functions, The rooms of this hotel are furnished with PC computer for your work or play, There is also a grocery store, which sells food and other household goods, In the Phoenix Jiangtian Holiday Village vast area of hotel is equipped for health and well being services, Sauna: there is also services and equipment for sauna, relax and wellness, Barber, hairdresser and Beauty Salon: haircuts and beauty treatments within the hotel, The Phoenix Jiangtian Holiday Village place at guest's disposal a lot of enjoyments, entertainments and very agreeable amenities KTV spaces to delight with music and karaoke in dedicated halls, Chess hall: there is rooms for chess players (this board game is very loved from Chinese), Cocktails and agreeable beverages in the Bar & lounge, A lot of sport activities can be practiced in well equipped areas of Phoenix Jiangtian Holiday Village, The Phoenix Jiangtian Holiday Village offers to customers menu with international specialties in inside restaurants, Chinese style dishes, In the Phoenix Jiangtian Holiday Village restaurants there is Dining hall for banquets and meeting to eat and celebrate some recurrence, Sichuan Cuisine, Hunan Cuisine.

In the Phoenix Jiangtian Holiday Village there are comfy rooms with this services, External laundry service, Call service, Numerous programs available by Cable TV, There is a phone in room, National calls are feasible by telephone in room (DDD domestic), International calls from telephone in room (IDD International), on site interesting for tourists, room view on River, room view on Mountain, room view on Shopping streets.