6 Days Zhangjiajie Highlights In-depth Tour

6 Days Zhangjiajie Highlights In-depth Tour

Destinations: Tianmen Mountain, Huangshi Village, Tianzi Mountain, Yangjiajie, Yuanjiajie, Yellow Dragon Cave, Baofeng Lake

Tour Highlights: This 6 days trip in Zhangjiajie is a in-depth tour to explore all the highlight attractions in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Tianmen Mountain, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, Baofeng Lake and Yellow Dragon Cave.

Duration: 6 Days

Tour Type: Private Tour

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Day 1 Zhangjiajie

Your personal guide will meet you right in the arrivals hall, ready and on time. A comfortable private car and experienced driver will be ready and waiting to take you to the hotel.

Accommodation: Zhangjiajie City

Day 2 Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Wake up and have breakfast at hotel.

Transfer to Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Ticket Station.

Morning: Take the cable car up to explore Yellow Stone Village.

Yellow Stone Village: It lies to the west of Zhangjiajie Forest Park with an altitude of 1200m and covers an area of 250mu. There is a popular saying that you cannot say that you have been to Zhangjiajie if you don't visit Yellow Stone Village, the most popular scenic spots are Six Strange Pagoda, Picking Up Star Platform, Five Finger Peaks and so on.

Afternoon: In the afternoon we will visit the Golden Whip Stream.

Golden Whip Stream: Located in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, it covers a distance of 7.5 km from north to south, winding across mountains and valleys. The brook is limpid through the year, with many scenic spots along the way. At the same time you can have a free oxygen show when you are explore this beautiful valley.

Accommodation: Wulingyuan Town

Zhangjiajie in Winter
Golden Whip Stream

Day 3 Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Wake up and have breakfast at hotel.

Transfer to Wulingyuan Entrance.

Morning: Take Bailong Elevator up to explore Yuanjiajie, where the Avatar Mountain locates.

Yuanjiajie: It is also called AVATAR Mountain for the movie AVATAR is filmed here. Located in the northwest part of the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Yuanjiajie is a naturally formed platform mountain, surrounded by higher summits which are divided by deep valleys. You will enjoy Hallelujah Mountain, NO.1 Bridge in the world and so on.

Afternoon: Go to visit Tianzi Mountain and Yangjiajie. After the trip, take Yangjiajie cable car down.

Tianzi Mountain: It is known for 4 natural spectacles - the clouds of mist that circle the peaks of the mountain, the amazing views of the rising sun, the moonlit nights and snowcapped winter peaks. They include more than 80 natural platforms to take in the magnificent scenery.

Accommodation: Wulingyuan Town

Zhangjiajie Avatar Tour
Zhangjiajie Avatar Tour
Zhangjiajie Avatar Tour

Day 4 Baofeng Lake & Yellow Dragon Cave

Wake up and have breakfast at hotel.

Morning: Transfer to visit Baofeng Lake.

Baofeng Lake: It is the masterpiece of nature and human beings' wisdom. It is 85 meters above the ground and attains an altitude of 585 meters. With an average depth of 72 meters. All the water is from rainfall and spring without any pollutant. It is pure just like a big crystal among Bao feng mountain Range.When you cruise, you can hear authentic song from Tujia minority people. You can fully understand the harmony and peace between human beings and nature.

Afternoon: Transfer to visit Yellow Dragon Cave.

Yellow Dragon Cave: This cave is praised to be one of the most beautiful cave in china, It is just like an underground "magical palace", featuring a wide cave, deep and secluded underground rivers, hanging waterfalls and dense stone bamboo shoots, showing a style of its own.

Accommodation: Zhangjiajie City

Baofeng Lake
Yellow Dragon Cave

Day 5 Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon

Wake up and have breakfast at hotel.

Transfer to Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, it takes about 45 minutes from Zhangjiajie City to Zhangjiajie Great Canyon.

You will explore the main attractions in Zhangjiajie Great Canyon: One-Line-Sky, Family Portrait, The Millennial Ancient Rattan, Chuangwang Pavilion, the Southern Red Flag Canal, Zhuaxian Spring, Rotten Ship Rock, The Bandit Hole, the World's Highest See-through Skywalk Bridge and so on.

Accommodation: Zhangjiajie City

Zhangjiajie Great Canyon
Zhangjiajie Great Canyon

Day 6 Tianmenshan National Forest Park

Wake up and have breakfast at hotel.

Transfer to Mt Tianmen Cable Car Station.

Take cable car(25 minutes riding) up to explore Tianmen Mountain.

Take cable car down to the mid-station, then take the green bus to visit Tianmen Cave

From Tianmen Cave, take the green bus back to mid-station, then take cable car down to finish the trip.

Tianmen mountain: It is the highest mountain in Zhangjiajie, with the sea level of 1518M, it is praised to be the soul of Zhangjiajie. Your guide will take you to explore the best scenic spots such as Heavenly bus road, The Glass Plank road, Tianmen Cave and so on.

Transfer to Zhangjiajie Airport and depart.

Tianmenshan National Forest Park
Tianmenshan National Forest Park

Tour Includes & Excludes:

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  • Entrance to attractions
  • Private transfers between airport/railway, attractions, hotels
  • Private English tour guide and driver service
  • Hotel accommodation with breakfast
  • Service Charge & Government Taxes
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  • Tips for your tour guide and driver
  • Meals: lunch and dinner
  • Personal Expenses

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